Week 4

I am finding that the training doesn't really get harder, it just takes more time. I am hungry and tired most of the time. I crave healthy food but can't seem to consume enough water or calories. I feel like I am constantly trying to find a nutritional solve. I have tried supplements and protein powders. I haven't found the magic solution. I am open to suggestions if anyone has a miracle product that is gluten free.
I keep reading about how many calories other ultra runners eat and what they eat. This has lead me to the advice of every person is the experiment of one. I will continue to experiment until I find my match.
This same advice can take you to a place of self discovery. If each of us is an experiment of one we are the only ones who can find our selves, only we can uncover the truth of who we are and who we want to be.
Here's to continuing the experiment…


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