Week 3

I am into week 3 of the 16week plan. It isn't feeling to overwhelming yet . Other things are feeling daunting and overwhelming but the training is a safe space. There is something therapeutic about the dedication to a plan. That consistent thing you fit into your life. It becomes a habit like your morning coffee or the ritual you use everyday before you fall asleep. If you miss it you feel unnerved or out of sync.
Somehow I became the person who depends on the release of working out to be able to keep calm each day. I can leave my worries on the pavement or in the gym. I can separate my day in to the distinct units of activity. This helps my mental and emotional state. I leave the things I am carrying around behind and for a unit of time I can clearly think. This time has given me the ability to access what is truly important. Who are the people and things I want in my life. The overall direction I seem to be heading in.
So this may lead you to ask something about who and what I want in my life. I am seeking doers, people who are action oriented, people who are positive and encouraging, people who are looking to help others rise to their fullest potential. I am looking for positive inclusive activities and people. I have begun to recognize and see people in new light. I have no time for people who are immune to their their own bull shit. I have no desire to listen to people criticize others in a non constructive way. I may be selfish but I don't intend to sacrifice my growth for anyone. This may mean that some people get uncomfortable, it may mean that I lose some friends. I am ok with that. Over the years there have been times where I felt I had to give all I had to people until I hit a breaking point of feeling depleted and taken advantage of. I refuse to live that way now.
This ultra training is not only giving me a gift of clarity but also the confidence to try something really big. I am grateful for the growth game and the time to become better and stronger each day , not just physically.


One comment

  1. Relate to this a lot. Not training for an ultra, but a marathon. Training is bringing a lot of clarity to other aspects of my life–as running takes up more of my time it’s helping me sort out the extras–the people, places, and things that aren’t serving me and I don’t have space for.
    Enjoy the rest of your journey–so amazed by ultra runners!


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