Day 1 

Today was the day. The beginning of ultra training. 1 hour run and 45 minutes of cross training.  I know that this is the “easy” part before the runs get long.  

I ran with a person that I am grateful for. She came into my life when I joined Madpower Training. I feel lucky to have met her.  She has accomplished so much. She is so incredible she makes me wonder how it was that I waited so long to take on big things.  I admire her commitment and her work ethic. She is motivating and strong.  She has lived a life of extreme sport accomplishments and now runs her own business.  I don’t want to sound obsessed but I do want to paint the picture of how amazing she is. I look at her confidence and strength and hope that someday I can have that. The below Meme best describes her and the owner of Madpower training. 

I am looking forward to getting to know her better. 

The running gains might end up being secondary to everything else that comes along with training. 


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