The Real Journey 

So I started 2 other posts this week, one was about pre race worry and the other was about achieving PR race time and pace.  I didn’t finish either. I decided that neither were worthy of my true feelings in this post race, pre ultra training moment. 

I am thrilled about overcoming my pre race anxiousness to a PR race time and pace. This is amazing and I need to take the time to appreciate that it happened.  I often jump straight to the place of what I want next or why I could have done better.  These self critical moments often steal the joy of the accomplishment.  I am taking this moment to overcome that feeling.

I want to be able to share here in this space,  in such a way that it is more than “yay a PR” or “I feel so nervous”.  This realization means that for the few people who follow this page, shit is gonna get real. 

I am on a journey that is bigger than just training for another race. This journey is flipping things in my life upside down. It is changing my priorities and how I choose to spend my time.  

This journey effects my feelings about almost everything. My job, my friends and my free time. This is a big commitment and an investment in myself. Despite any judgement from anyone else the next 4 months I will be prioritizing myself. This is a scary thought … it will mean tearing down walls and dealing with all the negative thoughts and inner critic comments. It is going to be about setting limits and saying no to the things that don’t lead me to accomplishing this goal.  

I am putting forth my intentions here. My intention to find myself and find my tribe. My intention to find out how far I can push myself. My intention to find my mental and physical toughness. Here is to the real journey… 

The above photo is the finish line of my last half marathon. 


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