So many things and so many feelings…

This week has been hard, really, surprisingly, hard. So many emotional things happening and even as I try to keep my rational mind in control my emotions boil up. I feel overwhelmed. I feel nervous. I feel crazy.  The world is moving super fast and I am just standing here trying to figure it out.  

This week has been a hard week for so many reasons. One my job had a ton going on and I was attempting to lead a team through a transition that was pretty big. Two its taper week  for my next half marathon which means minimal cross training and very little running. Three my home life is in transition as my husband explores options for a different job. 

Now all of these things are first world problems. I know that none of them are earth shattering and all shall pass with time.  Job stuff always ebs and flows so I know by next week things will begin to settle in to the “new normal”. What made this week harder was the pressure of that piled on to a taper week. You might think “but taper week means more free time”  I have come to depend on the intense work out routine. I have a hard time managing my stress with out it.  I also am on the plan of being optimally hydrated so that means no wine or drinking pre race. This of course is a week where I could really use drink….

Starting tomorrow I begin a weekend of preparation for my 13.1. I have built this race up in my mind. This is my last race focusing on speed. After this it will be all ultra focused for the next 4 months. I am welcoming that change. I am honestly so ready for long slow miles with no pressure of time. 

I am trying to let myself feel the feelings about this race before moving on. 3 days to go before I can allow myself the mental shift.  


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