The beginning…

I am here to record my journey to my first Ultra Marathon.  This is a 50 mile race happening this fall.  I officially signed up for this race 2 days ago and have been rolling around feelings of anxiety and excitement.  

To date I have told very few people about this commitment. I think am scared to share it because when I mentioned I was thinking of it the response was not positive or encouraging. My mother told me “you don’t want to do that” …. yeah mom but what if I do? Then there are the people who just shake their heads and say no way. 

After a long chat with my running coach and another ultra runner I decided to take the plunge and sign up. While they were brutally honest about what could happen along the way, they were also euphoric in their description of the race and the feelings at the finish. 

I have never run anything more than a Half Marathon. I have spent months working on how fast I could finish a half (nothing crazy speed wise but fast for me).  Soon I get to train my body and mind to go long and slow.  I imagine the mental game will be as big a challenge if not bigger than the physical one. 

I am not sure where the journey will take me but emerging as an ultra runner is the goal. 


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